Outer Darkness: The Conclusion

(updated 7/8/2024)

[Here is some late 2023 material that has survived multiple revisions.  I post it in hopes of posting the entire writing ‘soon’ and to answer a question I left open in “Outer Darkness”.  This particular writing has proven quite difficult and I wasted much time going down rabbit holes that I ultimately removed.  Also, events in my personal life have delayed this effort and interrupted my lines of thought.]

Hello gentle reader,

We began with The Path to Outer Darkness and then continued to Outer Darkness where the raw clues were presented to discover what Outer Darkness is.  In this writing, it is all revealed and put together.  Your perseverance is appreciated so let’s proceed.

What makes Heaven, Heaven?

Is it the sounds of angel wings fluttering all around?  No, it’s not that.  Perhaps it’s the fluffy white clouds having a special consistency that the angels can blissfully lounge on?  Nice, but no.  Could it be the wondrous compositions of angelic music matched to the purest harmonies of the angelic choirs that carry to the furthest extents of our creator’s vast, unseen domain?  If you could see me chuckling, then you would know it’s not that either.  Alright, let’s get ‘technical.’  Surely it is the greater dimensional realm that surpasses the utmost conscious perception of space and time that should even Einstein attempt a mathematical rendering using a vast sprawling of symbols and equations, the result would border on gibberish and be wholly inadequate.  Wow, that’s sounds impressive, but no.  Ok, this is it.  It must certainly be the combined whole of everything just listed plus maybe another half-dozen or so special features that could probably be thought of!  Let’s put an end to this guessing and reveal that one specific ‘feature’ that unequivocally must be present in order to make Heaven, Heaven.

Heaven is the dwelling of the Lord God Almighty and his ruling presence there makes it so.

The truth of that statement should be obvious.  Similarly, the answer to this next question should be nearly as obvious.  Other than the presence of Father God, is there a focal point of unique interest in Heaven that represents the quintessential centerpiece of his ruling authority?  It would be a wondrous object, symbolic of God’s majesty and referred to dozens of times in the Holy Bible.  We do not have to guess at this, Lord Jesus tells us directly:

♥ But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God’s throne: (Matthew 5:34 KJV emphasis mine)

♥ And he that shall swear by heaven, sweareth by the throne of God, and by him that sitteth thereon. (Matthew 23:22 KJV emphasis mine)

Yes, the throne of God is also found in Heaven.


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